MUSOM helps to educate young business leaders who make a difference in the world. By providing need-based faculty support, MUSOM seeks to create necessary knowledge that shapes business concepts and practices. MUSOM RMC has the mission to facilitate the creation of the scholarly necessary knowledge to achieve MUSOM’s mission for providing quality education through undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research.

MUSOM is comprised of different academic and finance committees. The academic committee is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the intellectual growth of MUSOM.  Finance Committee develops and executes a financial plan of MUSOM. Curriculum Committee assists in revisiting exiting curriculum and developing a new curriculum. Academic Committee is responsible for video conference, virtual class, and technical support. MUSOM strongly promotes IT-based education to make graduates competent for the international market. Communication and international collaboration cell work for the promotion of MUSOM across the globe. MUSOM Primary Health Care Initiative and Career Counseling Cell support to achieve MUSOM’s mission for primary treatment of students, faculty members, and staff.