BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration)



BBA at Mid-Western University School of Management (MUSOM) is one of the outstanding programs in Nepal, constituted under the Midwestern University BBA program addresses to the current and emerging need of the business and corporate world.  MUSOM BBA has been formed to prepare young individuals for careers as successful mid-level managers and entrepreneurs by developing managerial competence for the competitive world.

The student is required to complete altogether 120 credit hours to get the BBA degree at MUSOM.

First Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 311 Principles of Management 3
MGT 312 Financial Accounting 3
MGT 513 Basic Mathematics 3
MGT 314 Micro Economics 3
MGT 315 Computers in Management 3
MGT 317 Business English 3
MGT 316 Microsoft Office (Practical) (Non Credit) 00
Total Credit Hours 18
Second Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 321 Business Communication 3
MGT 322 Business Statistics-I 3
MGT 323 Financial Management-I 3
MGT 324 Marketing Management 3
MGT 325 Macroeconomics 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Third Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 331 Business Law 3
MGT 332 Human Resource Management 3
MGT 333 Cost Accounting 3
MGT 334 Tourism and Hospitality Management 3
MGT 335 Financial Management-II 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Fourth Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 341 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 342 Business Statistics-II 3
MGT 543 Business Ethics 3
MGT 344 E-Commerce 3
MGT 345 Fundamentals of Investment 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Fifth Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 451 International Business Environment 3
MGT 452 Strategic Management 3
MGT 453 Management Accounting 3
MGT 454 Research Methodology 3
MGT 455 Banking and Insurance Management 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Sixth Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 461 Management Information System 3
MGT 462 Auditing 3
MGT 463 Entrepreneurship Development 3
MGT 464 Project Management 3
MGT 471 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Seventh Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 472 Operation Research 3
MGT 473 Consumer Behavior 3
MGT 474 Taxation 3
MGT 475 Business environment in Nepal 3
MGT 475 Internship 3
Total Credit Hours 15
Eighth Semester
Subject Code Name of the subject Credit Hours
MGT 484 Project Report 3
Student can choose any one area of specialization out of three different forms of Specialization
Total Credit Hours 12
Specialization Areas Credit Hours
Finance 09
MGT 485 Corporate Finance 3
MGT 486 Working Capital Management 3
MGT 487 Financial Institutions and Market 3
Marketing Management 09
MGT 488 Service Marketing 3
MGT 489 Sales Management 3
MGT 490 Advertising Management 3
Human Resource Management 09
MGT 491 Human Resource Development 3
MGT 492 Compensation Management 3
MGT 493 Industrial Relations 3
Total Credit Hours 12
Aggregate Credit Hours 120


Student intake for the BBA program will be once a year in August. We look for promising individuals in terms of intellectual ability and professional capability. We consider your application holistically and give proper attention to factors such as your background, experiences, perspectives, aspirations, values, accomplishments, and your fitness with MUSOM culture and undergraduate program. No single factor- whether your previous academic background, score on admission test, a personal interview is decisive for your admission. Further, your application will be evaluated on the criteria of your intellectual strength, your leadership potential, your personal qualities and contributions, and the expected diversity of an undergraduate class.

To be eligible for applying to study an undergraduate program at MUSOM, you must have a CGPA of 2.0 in 4.0 point scales or a second division 45% and 12 years of formal schooling in any discipline.

The regular class for the program is arranged between 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Sunday to Friday.

In each Semester the faculty members are responsible for the course and they evaluate the academic performance of students in each course offered. The academic performance of the students will be judged through: – Continuous In-semester evaluation The Continuous In-semester evaluation of the student will be made by the concerned faculty member in any or a combination of:

  • Written test
  • Workshop and seminar
  • Assignments
  • Semester paper
  • Project work
  • Case studies and group discussion
  • Quizzes and oral test

– End-semester Examination. In each course, student will be evaluated on a 4-point scale.

Grade A A- B B- C C- D D- F
Grade Point 4 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.5 2 1.5 1 0
  • Lecturer and Guest Lecturer
  • Group Discussion and Presentations;
  • Field Visits; Seminar and Conferences
  • Project Work Assignments, Role Play etc.