MBA(Master of Business Administrator)



MBA at Mid-Western University School of Management (MUSOM) is a pioneering program in Nepal, constituted under the Midwestern University that responds to the current and emerging needs of the business, corporate world and also responds to the need for the Government entities. MUSOM MBA has been formed to prepare young individuals for careers as successful managers and entrepreneurs by developing managerial competence and acumen for the changing world.


The student is required to complete altogether 25 courses totaling 70 credit hours to get the MBA degree at MUSOM.

Detailed Courses

First Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 511 Foundations of Management 3
MGT 512 Critical Thinking 3
MGT 513 Business Communication 3
MGT 514 Financial and Management Accounting 3
MGT 515 Research Methodology 3
MGT 516 Quantitative Approach to Management 3
Total Credit Hours 18
Second Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 521 Marketing Management 3
MGT 522 Management Information Systems 3
MGT 523 Managerial Economics 3
MGT 524 Financial Management 3
MGT 525 Human Resource Management 3
MGT 526 Organizational Behavior 3
Total Credit Hours 18
Third Semester
Subject Code Name of the Subject Credit Hours
MGT 531 Strategic Management 3
MGT 532 Production and Operation Management 3
MGT 533 Total Quality Management 3
MGT 534 Entrepreneurship and Technology Management 3
MGT 535 Corporate Law 3
MGT 536 International Business and Strategy 3
Total Credit Hours 18
Fourth Semester
Specialization Courses (Any One) 9 Credits
Finance (courses in Finance)
MGT 546 Financial Institution and Market 3
MGT 547 Strategic Financial Management 3
MGT 548 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3
Human Resources Management 9 Credits
MGT 546 Compensation and Benefit Management 3
MGT 547 Performance Management 3
MGT 548 Human Resources Development 3
Marketing 9 Credits
MGT 546 Brand Management 3
MGT 547 Sales Management 3
MGT 548 Service Marketing 3
MGT 549 Internship 3
MGT 550 Graduate Research Project 4
MGT 551 An Introduction to Nepal (AIN) 00
Total Credit Hours 16
Aggregate Credit Hours 70

Note – Enriched Credit Hour up to 03 will be assigned for (AIN)

Students Intake

The frequency of student intake for the MBA program will be once a year. Spring intake will begin from the month of January for the semester commencing from February – June. In each intake, MWU will admit a total of 30 students (25 for regular students, Five (5) for Corporate Sponsored and Foreign students, if any). Corporate and foreign students must secure a minimum of 60 percent in the written entrance test (MU-MAT) in order to qualify for this.


Any applicant seeking admission into the MBA program must meet the following minimum requirements to become eligible to apply for the MBA program:

  • A minimum of 15 years of formal education (12 years of Schooling plus three years of Graduation).
  • Must have secured a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or 45 percent at a Bachelor’s level. The final decision on admission is taken on the basis of the performance scores of an applicant in the admission tests to be conducted in this regard.

Students applying for the MBA program must furnish all the details of their personal information and earlier academic records by filling in the Application Blank and the same along with the brochure will be available from the MUSOM Reception during the office hours. The application blank can also be downloaded from the MUSOM website completed application along with the transcripts and certificates should be submitted to the office as per the timelines to be publicly notified in this regard. At the time of submission, students have to pay Rs. 500.


In each Semester the faculty members are responsible for the course and they evaluate the academic performance of students in each course offered. The academic performance of the students will be judged through:

–  Continuous In-semester evaluation

The Continuous In-semester evaluation of the student will be made by the concerned faculty member in any or a combination of:

  • Written test
  • Workshop and seminar
  • Assignments
  • Semester paper
  • Project work
  • Case studies and group discussion
  • Quizzes and oral test

–  End-semester Examination

Grading System

In each course, the student will be evaluated on a 4-point scale.

Grade A A- B B- C C- D D- F
Grade Point 4 3.67 3.33 3.00 2.5 2 1.5 1 0

Course Delivery

  • Lecturer and Guest Lecturer
  • Group Discussion and Presentations;
  • Field Visits; Seminar and Conferences
  • Project Work Assignments, Role Play, etc.